The ETHO Protocol

Why was the ETHO Protocol Developed?

Free-speech and anti-censorship are the cornerstones of any democracy but with the rise of de-platforming and online censorship, media platforms our society relies on are becoming more and more unreliable for the average user.

Free-flowing information and ideas are almost always catalysts for the next stages of societal evolution as well as exponential technological growth.

Online censorship today ranges from something as small as a single blocked tweet all the way up to a full corporate website being banned if the messaging doesn’t fit an individual platform’s definition of proper

The Solution:

  1. Decentralize content & storage hosting, so no single entity has control over what is appropriate.

2. Utilize community and user consensus to moderate this decentrally stored content.

3. Create and maintain a closed-loop economy around steps one and two to encourage participation, reward contribution and network utilization.