Delivering decentralized immutable Blockchain secured file storage
for corporate systems of any kind


Global Blockchain Network

ERPCX is a Node operator in the Blockchain Economy and runs Blockchain Gateway NODES with an embedded IPFS decentralized file storage protocol in Europe, Asia and North America. A Blockchain is a simple, distributed, public ledger that maintains a continuously growing list of verified, time stamped transactions recorded in blocks (Blockchain). A block contains a digital fingerprint of the transaction recorded (hash)


Business Partners call the ERPCX API during real time processing and the software intermediary receives files for storage in the IPFS file sharing system, generates a Digital Receipt and stores the digital receipt into the Blockchain. The ‘Digital Receipt’ is than delivered back to the business partner for further processing.


Decentralized File Storage

IPFS embedded in the decentralized Blockchain storage network, forms a global highly redundant file system completely held in the public domain, 100% immutable and distributed across a decentralized node network. Files are encrypted, stored for a specified length of time, and automatically deleted at the end of the period without user interaction.